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Reputation is everything.
Our wheels are always spinning.

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“...more than satisfied our needs...”


"I am extremely pleased with the performance of NOVAD Management Consulting. Their flexibility and responsiveness resulted in a concise, astute product that was carefully and thoroughly researched and more than satisfied our needs, despite a mid-project change in objective. NOVAD quickly adapted to the change and fulfilled the new criteria. I will include them in my planning for future projects."


Gregory M. Holloway, Chairman and Partner

Holloway & Co., PLLC

“...efforts exemplify the successful elements of true business leadership...”


“Leading by example is what makes Davon Kelly, NOVAD’s CEO, an outstanding small business owner whose efforts exemplify the successful elements of true business leadership: service and serving, passion, commitment, humility and excellence in every area: family, community and business.”


Wanda A. Alexander, President and CEO

Horizon Consulting

“...a pivotal influence...”


"NOVAD proved to be a pivotal influence at a critical period in our organization. The methodology provided and the professional guidance exercised throughout has produced a strategic plan which will serve both as a rallying point and a blueprint for our organization's rejuvenation and growth."

Judith M. Kelly, Director
District of Columbia Area Writing Project, Howard University

“...superior management consulting services...”

"I highly recommend NOVAD to anyone seeking superior management consulting services. The NOVAD team is composed of exceptionally talented professionals who are able to quickly grasp strategic requirements and translate them into executable business practices. NOVAD's integrated-team approach and steadfast commitment to customer satisfaction enabled us to effectively integrate numerous requirements into downstream operational processes across multiple functional areas."


Richard Hernandez, COO

The METEC Groupe than satisfied our needs..."

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