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Known for excellence in business consulting services, we deliver realistic approaches to problem-solving, and provide an experience-based understanding of business challenges. We offer solutions that meet goals within limited budgets and constricted timelines. When you engage NOVAD as your partner in success, we share in your risk and embrace accountability for our work.


Our Philosophy:

Premiere Service by Seamless Fusion


  • We will deliver unparalleled value, cost-effective and timely solutions, and always exceptional service so that your business can reach the highest performance possible.

  • We facilitate client independence. We take extra care to carefully document our work along the way and then we give you the tools to keep your business running smoothly by transferring back all knowledge to your organization.

  • We believe high quality results come from our enthusiastic approach, flexible and realistic solutions, and professional objectivity.

  • We believe in long-term relationships. We’ll help your business run at peak performance by delivering exceptional service and sharing in client risk


NOVAD is Committed to Accessibility


NOVAD Management Consulting, Inc. has a commitment to people with disabilities. Internally, NOVAD has implemented a rigorous process to ensure that our product teams consider Section 508 standards at each stage of design and development for every client deliverable, and that those deliverables are tested against the appropriate federal standards. NOVAD fully believes that new accessibility features that are added because of Section 508 will benefit all users, not only federal employees.


NOVAD has integrated accessibility into our product-development process. Completed accessibility checklists are required at key phases of the development process and accessibility verification is integrated into testing and validation procedures.


Below are just a few of the accessibility features for people with disabilities of Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act that have been incorporated into our deliverables:

  • Support interfaces commonly used by screen readers, such as JAWS.
  • Can be operated using only the keyboard.
  • Allow the user to request more time to complete timed responses.
  • Support customization of display attributes such as color, contrast,
    and font size.
  • Communicate all information independently of color.
  • Support interfaces commonly used by screen magnifiers.
  • Provide documentation in an accessible format.
  • Support alternatives to audio information.
  • Support adjustable volume control.


At NOVAD, we are proud of our commitment to make sure all users have access to technology, and we encourage consumers to learn more about Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act.


To receive more NOVAD accessibility compliance information,

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